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On 13th May the Army Engagement group hosted a series of presentations at Oakwood House addressing this very question.  Current plans to restructure the army involve reducing the regular Army size and relying more on the Army Reservists (formerly known as the TA). The Government is investing £1.8 billion over the next 10 years to meet this aim.

Many employers are concerned about the possible loss of key personnel with very little notice.  Those presenting likened the process to accommodating maternity leave, and pointed out that financial assistance to deal with the cost to the business of recruiting replacements and bringing the Reservist back up to speed on their return was available.  Notice periods were much longer than previously and they are willing to accommodate an employer refusing to release the member of staff.

Much was made of the training and skills that employing an army Reservist would bring to an organisation.  The army training results in many transferable core skills such as IT, first aid, personnel management and team leading, to name but a few.  Core skills such as leadership, planning and communication would be beneficial to any organisation.

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