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Welcome to InBrief Winter 2021

Whilst at the time of writing this we find ourselves back in a national lockdown, I believe we can confidently look ahead to the end being not too far away thanks to the dedication of those who have developed a vaccine in record time.  With that in mind we look ahead to some of the 2021 events which we hope will be taking place and we look forward to seeing our clients, contacts and friends once again.

This quarter we are focussing on family businesses as here in the UK they make up over 87% of the UK’s private sector firms and employ 14.2m people.  We are delighted to have had the opportunity to speak to a number of businesses to hear their thoughts on running a successful family business.  We have a number of articles which focus on some of the business and personal legal issues that families might be thinking about.

Out of difficult business times comes innovation.  During the global financial crisis in 2007-2009, both Uber and Airbnb were set up along with thousands of other businesses that have gone on to shape our everyday lives since.  Looking back through history there are many other examples of successful firms that have also been set up during a downturn.

In an uncertain jobs market, many people turn to ‘necessity entrepreneurship’ and I anticipate we will see a whole range of start-up businesses across a number of sectors here in Kent in the coming weeks and months.  We speak to one of our clients and a successful Maidstone entrepreneur to find out more about her new business launched in the last few months.

We are also delighted to report on the progress of The London Resort which is going to transform the Swanscombe peninsular and bring a financial boost not just to Kent but to the whole of the UK.  This is an exciting project happening ‘on our doorstep’ and behind the scenes we are working with some of those involved.

Whilst we haven’t had the start to 2021 that we all hoped for, I hope you all go on to enjoy the success you deserve and to have a happy and healthy New Year.

John Roberts
Managing Partner