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Top agri accidents

Farming is a hazardous industry and in the last ten years almost one person a week has been killed as a result of agricultural work and many more have been seriously injured.  Good farmers and employers should recognise the benefits of maintaining high standards of health and safety and reducing incidents and ill health among their staff.

The most common causes of death are:

•  Being hit by moving vehicles;

•  Being hit by falling objects – e.g. bales, trees;

•  Falling from height;

•  Asphyxiation or drowning;

•  Contact with machinery;

•  Injury by animal;

•  Being trapped by something collapsing or overturning; and

•  Contact with electricity – two thirds of which involve overhead power lines.

The most common causes of non-fatal
injuries are:

•  Handling, lifting or carrying;

•  Slipping, tripping or falling;

•  Being hit by moving or falling objects;

•  Falling from height;

•  Contact with machinery; and

•  Being injured by an animal.

Many in the agricultural community are permanently disabled by ill health with symptoms that can take years to develop and in some cases result in premature death.

Health issues can be caused by:

•  Breathing in dusts;

•  Being exposed to excessive vibration or noise;

•  Using chemicals – e.g. fertilisers and pesticides;

•  Exposure to extreme weather conditions; and

•  Working in uncomfortable positions for long periods.

When accidents happen it is crucial to know the best procedure to follow.

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