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Rock 'n' roll is my round of golf...

Most professional people look forward to a period of relaxation at the weekend.

For a considerable number it is a round of golf, but for Gullands’ Partner, Leroy Bradley, 41, it is fronting a highly regarded band in which he is lead singer and rhythm guitarist. That is when he is not playing cricket for Bearsted first XI.

Leroy’s band, Rockin’ Rocket 88, has just released its third album Country to high critical acclaim. It has also been receiving BBC Radio air play. Listening to it you can detect Leroy’s life-long appreciation of Elvis Presley but they are certainly no tribute band!

Leroy, a former Maidstone Grammar School student, and some friends formed the band in 1985. He has supported Bill Haley’s Comets in America, performed on television and radio many times over the years, a recognition of how good they are. They have played at all the big rock ‘n’ roll festivals and Leroy is pictured performing at the 2008 Rhythm Riot in Camber Sands.

Their other two albums, Coming Home (1990) and Living this Way (2005), were the precursors to Country which has just been released.

“Our style is Rockabilly with Blues and Country twists” says Leroy, “and I write most of the tracks myself but we do do some covers and on Country we do a version of 10cc’s Good Morning Judge which did not exactly start out life as Rockabilly!

“The legal profession and business is time-consuming enough and so for many years we have been very selective as to where and when we perform live, but it is great fun, hence I have always said the band which is a hobby is my round of golf but on a Saturday night.”

The 25th anniversary of the band next year coincides with Leroy being at Gullands for the same length of time.

The CD was recorded and produced at the studios of Western Star at Paulton, near Bristol, over a period of three weekends and you can hear samples on various websites by Googling Country Rockin’ Rocket 88. It is available to download and from major record stores, or directly from the Western Star recording company: