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Putting your family in safe hands

With Christmas over we all turn to look towards a new year; a fresh start, new beginnings and a brighter future.  You and your partner may have encountered some difficulties over the last year but Christmas has brought you and your family closer and together you have made the conscious decision that your relationship is worth fighting for, if only you could just resolve those key differences which you keep coming up against.

So how do you achieve that without falling in to the trap of arguing with one another time and time again?

There are many avenues to explore and here at Gullands our trained mediator may be just the person you and your partner/family member need to meet with.  Family mediation has proven to be very successful in resolving a wide variety of disputes between family members and in recent years over two thirds of couples who engaged in mediation reached amicable agreements with one another which they had previously been unable to resolve.  Mediation helps prevent matters escalating to that next level when there is potentially no turning back.  The result of this is that those who engage in mediation are able to walk away with a real sense of empowerment as they have been able to remain in control of any decisions which may affect their future.

At Gullands Solicitors we can offer the very niche service of lawyer-led mediation and thus you will benefit from the support and assistance of a mediator who is also a highly qualified family lawyer and who can provide you with relevant legal information and guide you in the right direction when trying to work with your partner/former partner or family member in resolving a dispute.

Whether you want to try mediation or instruct a solicitor and obtain legal advice and assistance, we at Gullands can provide you with all the support you require.

Julie Hobson is a solicitor and mediator at Gullands Solicitors and can be reached at 01622 689753 or