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New law bans smoking in cars

A new law banning smoking in vehicles carrying anybody under the age of 18 has come into force in England and Wales.

The new legislation could see drivers and passengers facing a £50 fine if they are caught smoking while in the car with minors.

The law applies to private vehicles enclosed wholly or partly by a roof, so regardless of whether the windows are down and the sunroof open, the smoker and driver could both be penalised if caught smoking while in the car with under-18s.

The ban applies to motorhomes, campervans and caravans when they are being used as a vehicle but does not apply when they are being used as living accommodation.

Gullands’ partner John Roberts comments: “One of the most complicated areas of law is that relating to motoring offences. This new legislation further complicates motoring law and I predict that many people, particularly those using motorhomes, will be uncertain of whether they are breaking the law.”

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