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Mock interviews for students

The Year 11 students at The Maplesden Noakes School, Maidstone, have had help preparing them for the start of their working life as they recently undertook a ‘Mock Employer Interview’ with the support of some local employers, including Gullands.

The students spent 30 minutes being interviewed for a mock Saturday job.  They had the choice of five jobs and were provided with job descriptions to help them to choose which role best suited their skills.  They then submitted their newly written CVs to the employers for interview.

The Y11s had spent the previous day off timetable to undertake a number of workshops on resilience, a digital footprint session, and interview skills.  They also had sessions with Berry Recruitment and CMR Group who delivered talks on what they expect to see on CVs, the “dos and don’ts” of interviews and inside market tips.

Emma Mills, careers officer for the school said: “Each student met with an employer and flourished, given the opportunity to discuss different industries and career pathways and gained written feedback on their CVs and their interviews.  This wouldn’t be able to happen without the continued support of the local employers, who gave up their time and are able to share their knowledge and wisdom of the working world.  Many employers offered to come back and spend extra time with students on their CVs.  There were also invitations into working places for the students along, with networking details and contacts of those they knew within the industry to help them on their way after GCSEs.”