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Mediation Success in family disputes

Back in March 2021 the Government launched a scheme to help separating families resolve disputes outside of the courts, with a £500 voucher towards mediation services. Mediation is a way of finding an amicable solution to disagreements and the government were also keen to free up space in family courts.

The scheme has proved successful and figures from the Family Mediation Council who run the programme suggest up to three-quarters of participants have been helped to reach full or partial agreement on their dispute.

The Government has announced it will invest a further £800,000 into the scheme.. while it deals with the backlog in the courts following the disruption of Covid.

The breakdown of a relationship does not have to be acrimonious or end up in a court room and the Collaborative process we offer here at Gullands enables the couple to finalise the details of their split via face to face discussions in a series of four-way meetings.

These meetings are attended by the separating couple, each supported by their own Collaborative lawyer.  The parties and their lawyers work together, with the lawyers providing support and advice, with the aim of facilitating an amicable settlement to whatever issues are facing the couple.  It can be a very successful way of resolving issues concerning children and finances.

The process begins with all four parties signing a Participation Agreement to commit to the process and agreeing that all discussion takes place at the meetings, in a spirit of openness.

Collaborative law is very different to the typical legal process as it reduces hostility and encourages communication. Other benefits are that:

Working together enables the best outcome to be reached for the whole family.

People tend to maintain a better, ongoing relationship with their ex-partner which is especially useful where children are involved.
It can be faster to identify and resolve issues.

It is a much cheaper way of resolving issues compared to going to court.

You are guided by an experienced family solicitor.

Julie Hobson, Partner at Gullands Solicitors is a Resolution Collaborative Solicitor and will work with you to help achieve the best outcome for you and your family.  Free initial telephone consultation offered and evening appointments are available, email