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Leroy on board for a rollercoaster ride

Gullands partner Leroy Bradley has been enjoying the “ups and downs” of a 1950s-style rollercoaster year.

A partner in the Litigation Department, Leroy’s passion outside the law is music, having played in bands, recorded albums and toured all over.

When he is not appearing in court or solving disputes, Leroy is lead vocalist and plays acoustic guitar for rockabilly band Leroy and the Rockets.

The Maidstone band was formed in 1985 and previously known as Rockin’ Rocket 88.  Over the years they have been synonymous with the rockabilly and rock ‘n’ roll scene throughout Europe.

Leroy explained: “With three albums and an EP recorded and produced on predominately mainstream rockabilly labels, this year brings a new recording studio, new production, a new label and a new album ‘Rockabilly Rollercoaster’.”

The album was recorded at AMF Studios in Essex and produced by Stevie Paul.
A multi-instrumentalist, Stevie has toured the world with some of the biggest names in the music industry.

“I don’t expect the album to prompt a change in career,” jests Leroy, “But getting up on stage as we did for the recent local Jubilee celebrations or hearing one of our songs on the radio is a great buzz and we have really enjoyed working with a top producer and developing our sound.”

Leroy and the Rockets ‘Rockabilly Rollercoaster’ is available through Amazon, i-tunes and HMV.  For news and updates visit

Photo: Leroy and the Rockets perform at the jubilee on the Green concert in Bearsted on 2nd June in front of 3,000 revellers. Photo taken by Chris Bridge