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Employment News in Brief

What’s new for autumn

Consultations are expected shortly on the proposals to rewrite the employment tribunal rules and the government’s plans to change the use and format of settlement agreements.

The government is due to issue its response to the Modern Workplace Consultation, which will include proposals for introducing a new system of flexible parental leave and flexible working.


In conjunction with All Health Matters and H & K Safety Service Ltd, the employment team are presenting a morning seminar in July 2013 on a range of topical issues.  In a departure from the usual this will involve real life case studies where you can decide what you would have done!  Those receiving the Employment brief by email will get an electronic invite nearer the time.

National Minimum Wage

Although some of the rates stay the same this year the rate payable to adults of 21 or over increases this October to £6.19.  The other notable change is the increase of the rate payable to apprentices which will increase to £2.65.

Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill

A nondescript title covering a range of proposed reforms for employment claims,  including mandatory pre claim ACAS conciliation; financial penalties to be imposed on employers who are found to have breached employment rights and amendments to compensatory awards at tribunals.