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Deskbound worker wins compensation

An office worker who suffered a blood clot after spending long hours sitting at her desk has received an undisclosed sum in compensation.

Angela Lamberton, 53, worked for HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) in Leicester. She had suffered a previous blood clot for which she had been prescribed medication and the treatment was successful. Nevertheless, she had been advised by her doctor not to sit at her desk for longer than 15 minutes without getting up and moving about.

When new working practices were introduced, however, Ms Lamberton was prevented from following her doctor’s advice. Targets were established so that a certain amount of work had to be completed and under the new system staff no longer had to leave their desks in the course of their work.

Ms Lamberton complained to her supervisor that the new system of working was damaging her health, but was ignored. Within weeks, she had begun to experience pain in her legs. Her GP found she had developed a potentially fatal blood clot and she had to have emergency treatment to disperse it.

The episode has had a huge impact on Ms Lamberton’s life. She now has to take blood thinning medication and wear specialist stockings. Her legs are often painful and tired and she is fearful of flying in case she develops another blood clot.

A case was brought against HMRC, which admitted liability and settled the claim out of court.

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