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Daxa's trip to India

Gullands’ New Business Co-ordinator, Daxa Broadbank, spent her autumn break visiting an Orphanage in Palanpur, nr Gujarat, India.

The Shri Sadguru Kabir Ramswarupdasji Foundation, which has been run single handedly by Sarlaben Samani since 2001, is an orphanage, providing care and education to around 31 children, and a school, educating over 2,000 pupils. 

“The Foundation also has some land nearby with 92 cows,” explains Daxa. “Every morning the poor people living nearby gather at the gates of the Orphanage where they are each given a jug of milk to take home for their families.

“One morning I was surrounded by about 30 children and I gave each of them 10 rupees, which is around 10 pence. They were all over the moon and seeing their smiles was a truly humbling experience.”

Gullands, with the generous support of promotional products supplier Wide Wave, kindly donated a number of stationery items, such as pens, pencils and notebooks to the Foundation, and Daxa together with her family and friends make donations on annual basis as well as whenever they make a visit to the Orphanage.    Daxa further states that “we are never asked for donations by Sarlaben, we support it because it is such a good and worthwhile cause.

Daxa continues: “The Orphanage relies purely on donations, and I know that Blair Gulland has made a donation to the Foundation in the past.  Sarlaben is such an amazing selfless person; she is always inviting people to stay in the guest quarters to enable them to experience the work that is being carried out and how the donations received are being spent.   People who visit normally never leave without making a donation as they feel (like I do) such a worthwhile cause and every Penny donated is for the benefit of the children.  The staff are all local volunteers from disadvantaged backgrounds and the Orphanage provide their board and lodgings and there is a local doctor who offers his services free of charge and visits the Orphanage every day.”