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Daredevil solicitor skydives for local charity

Daredevil solicitor Marianne Webb made a leap of faith when she jumped out of an aeroplane to raise money for Switch Youth Café in Maidstone.

Jumping from a height of 12,000ft, Marianne decided to take on the personal challenge, but is unlikely to be repeating her jump.

Marianne comments: “It was an awesome experience freefalling for 45 seconds. I hear it can be addictive but no, it’s a once in a lifetime for me. I don’t normally do crazy things like this, although I have scaled the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro 3 years ago and that was a lot harder!”

“Thank you to everyone who sponsored me and helped me to raise £1,125.00 for this amazing local charity which does so much for young people in the town.”