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Checklist: Online and e-mail risks for your business


Information that is written on the internet or in e-mails can seriously damage your business’ reputation and the reputation of individual employees.  Your  employees could lose their job, be sued or face criminal charges and your business could be sued or fined.  So what can employers and staff do to protect themselves?

Stop and think before you click

E-mails and internet postings can be used in legal proceedings

It is very difficult to delete e-mails and online postings

Simply deleting e-mails or internet postings will not necessarily solve the problem.  Forensic IT equipment can still find supposedly “deleted” messages.

Do not be hurtful or spread rumours

Take care with confidential information

Do not make a contract by mistake

Do not copy someone else’s work

Do not send or view offensive or unknown material

Avoid unproductive usage

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