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Brave New World

The more observant of you will have noticed that there was no April 2020 brief.  At that time, it seemed that the world held its breath waiting to see what was going to happen. Conjecture was rife and we felt that our time would be better spent dealing with you on a personal basis.  We hope some of the information we shared and discussed was useful.

Here at Gullands we have always had the capacity through our IT infrastructure to work remotely.  Our documents are stored electronically as well as on paper.  Our phones can be diverted to mobiles and we know how to use skype.  Some things were a steep learning curve, including the adoption and understanding of a whole new concept to employment law of furloughing and how to conduct a court hearing remotely by telephone.

What has come out of this is the knowledge that there are different ways of dealing with matters which can be more streamlined and reduce time and cost to our clients and we hope to take those forward in the Brave New World that we are all facing

Those who want to come into the office will see the measures we are taking to keep our staff and clients safe.  Face masks are de rigueur and your temperature will be taken on entry (36.5 today thanks for asking).

For those that do not want to come in all those things we have learnt in lockdown are still being used.

Our team are ready and able to help you with whatever decisions lie ahead, be it understanding the tapering of furlough or consideration of redundancies.  And let us not forget the multitude of existing employment matters that we still have to grapple with such as discrimination, employment status and disciplinary processes.  Are you aware of who and when you have to supply a contact to given this changed recently?

We wish you the very best for the challenging times ahead.