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Agricultural Occupancy Conditions


With Government policy typically opposed to the building of new houses in open countryside, it is often difficult to gain planning permission to build houses in such areas. That said, if a house is needed for the proper operation of an agricultural business (e.g. to house workers), planning permission subject to an Agricultural Occupancy Condition (AOC) may be granted. This condition works so as to allow a dwelling to be built where it would otherwise be refused on the basis that the occupancy is then restricted to agricultural workers and their families.

Given that the planning permission to build the dwelling is often only granted if the AOC is imposed, authorities are often unwilling to agree to their removal. However, whilst it is difficult to get an AOC removed, it is not impossible and can potentially be achieved in the following ways:

This is a complex area of planning law, but one which can result in a substantial increase in the capital value of the property in question. For further information, please contact Ben Gallafant at [email protected]

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