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Even in full lockdown, we are still here for you.

As we are now in Lockdown, we are taking additional measures to keep our staff and clients safe. Entry to our offices is by appointment only. Face masks must be worn when entering the building and your temperature will be taken on entry. Hand sanitiser is available in the waiting area and interview rooms.

For those without appointments, we can facilitate telephone, Teams, Skype, Facetime and Zoom meetings. Any urgent or original documents should be sent to us by post/recorded delivery or scanned, whenever possible. Our full team continues to operate in the usual manner, so you will still be able to contact us by email and telephone.

Should any of our staff be unwell or unable to work we have an open file system which allows other team members to take over matters with the minimum of disruption.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us on the usual number 01622 689700.


  • Friday 25th December 2009

    Freezing Orders

    As anyone who has ever tried to collect a debt knows, there is a big difference between obtaining a judgment on the debt and obtaining payment.In difficult cases, one of the ways a debtor can be encouraged to pay is by obtaining a freezing order against his or her assets. This is a court order ...

  • Thursday 24th December 2009

    Avoiding payment by Bankruptcy Plan fails

    A husband who had himself declared bankrupt in order to avoid making a financial settlement to his ex-wife recently found his plan stymied by the court. The man had many business interests and had purchased a substantial house through an Isle of Man company. When his wife issued a petition for ...

  • Wednesday 23rd December 2009

    Get ready for compulsory pensions

    The Pensions Act 2008 contains provisions which will make it compulsory (from 2012) for an employer to enrol qualifying workers aged between 22 and the state pension age who earn more than a de minimus amount (currently set at £5,035 per annum) into a pension scheme and to make contributions ...

  • Tuesday 22nd December 2009

    Charities hit as Tax Man moves goalposts

    Charities which acquire buildings face an unexpected blow following the announcement by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) that a concession relating to property used for charitable purposes is to be altered. The announcement came out of the blue, with no prior consultation having been held. Currently, ...

  • Sunday 20th December 2009

    Gullands in the community

    Keen club cyclist, Spencer Stacey, who works in the Criminal Department, took part in a sponsored bike ride from Maidstone to Le Mans, over the weekend of Friday 11th to Monday 14th September. This was a journey of 313 miles over three days. There were five riders, Spencer, David Taft, Duncan ...

  • Saturday 19th December 2009

    Beware the Law doesn't let you have 'both barrels' If you operate or run a shoot on your land

    There is a surprisingly large mass of legislation relating to, and regulating, shoots. Here I attempt a brief examination of some of the points that should be considered, some of which will not be to the forefront of the land owners’ mind: Health and Safety If your shoot has five or more ...

  • Friday 18th December 2009

    Are LLP members employees?

    In many ways a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) is as much like a company as a partnership. Recently, an LLP member who was required to retire from the LLP claimed he had been unfairly dismissed. The Employment Appeal Tribunal concluded that he was not an employee of the LLP and could not ...

  • Thursday 17th December 2009

    Employees and pre-pack sales

    In the case of Oakland v Wellswood (Yorkshire) Limited the Court of Appeal held that an employee’s continuity of employment was preserved by s218 of the Employment Rights Act 1996 when an employee of a company in administration was employed by the buyer following a pre-pack sale and the ...

  • Wednesday 16th December 2009

    Family overturns Will that benefits the carer

    Elderly people can become suggestible and it is, regrettably, not uncommon for avaricious people to attempt to influence them for personal gain. In a recent case in point, an elderly and wheelchair-bound lady altered her will a few months before she died so as to bequeath her £400,000 estate ...

  • Tuesday 15th December 2009

    Court Must Hear Evidence Before Deciding

    Cases involving the custody of children are often very contentious and need to be approached with sensitivity and care. Recently, the Court of Appeal was called upon to rule in just such a case, the critical issue being whether the judge in the family court should have taken account of the wishes ...

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