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Following the government’s announcement regarding the easing of Covid-19 restrictions Gullands have decided to continue with the precautions already in place. Therefore social distancing, temperature screening and hand sanitising measures will remain in place for the time being and we would respectfully ask all visitors to continue to wear a face covering unless exempt. Some of our employees will continue to work from home but face to face meetings can be arranged. As always if you have any symptoms of Covid-19 we would ask you not to come in and to follow government isolation guidelines. Attendance at our Gravesend office can take place by prior appointment only.  All our staff remain fully contactable by email and telephone.  We are grateful for your patience during these difficult times and remain committed to the safety and wellbeing of our clients and staff alike.

  • Wednesday 25th March 2015

    Twitter comments: Private or Not?

    We address social media issues regularly in this brief as it is a fast changing area of law and of increasing concern to our clients. A recent case has addressed the issue that whilst an employer may legitimately restrict an employee’s freedom of expression at work or in a work related ...

  • Wednesday 25th March 2015


    Auto enrolment The Department for Work and Pensions has published its annual automatic enrolment evaluation report. Up to the end of September 2014 more than 4.7 million workers had automatically enrolled across nearly 34,000 employers. The level of opt out has been broadly consistent ...

  • Wednesday 25th March 2015

    Managing retirement in the absence of a default retirement age

    We are increasingly discussing with clients the issue of the absence of any default retirement age. After its removal in April 2011 a dismissal based on a person’s age is unlawful direct age discrimination under the Equality Act, unless an employer can objectively justify it or ...

  • Wednesday 25th March 2015

    Whistleblowing: The basics

    Employers know relatively little about whistleblowing until the issue comes up at which stage it is quite important to get to grips with it fast. Whistleblowers have two levels of protection. The dismissal of an employee will be automatically unfair if the reason or principle reason for the ...

  • Wednesday 25th March 2015

    Redundancy: What?s the alternative?

    Many employers see redundancies as the only way out of economic difficulties that they face. What many employers fail to consider is that these should be a matter of last resort and there are many other possible options open to them to avoid this process. Below are just a few of the ...

  • Wednesday 25th March 2015

    What's the point of employment contracts?

    We are often told by employers and employees alike that they do not have a written employment contract and that therefore there is no contract, but this is not quite right. If an employee is attending work and being paid then there is a contract, it is just not written down. It is therefore ...

  • Wednesday 25th March 2015

    Employment myths 3

    Employees who are pregnant or on maternity leave cannot be dismissed They can, as long as the reason for dismissal is unrelated to their pregnancy or maternity leave as this would amount to sex discrimination and be an automatically unfair dismissal. If you have a lawful reason for ...

  • Thursday 5th February 2015

    Employment Contracts - What You Need to Know

    We are often told by employers and employees alike that they do not have a written employment contract and that therefore no obligations are owed, but this is not quite right. If an employee is attending work and being paid then there is a contract, but it is just not written down. For this ...

  • Tuesday 3rd February 2015

    Women in Farming - How to protect your family farm when entering into a relationship

    As young women in farming, it is likely that you have already or will at some point inherit your parents’ or grand-parents’ family farm and/or assets. You will inevitably want to protect these inherited assets to ensure that they remain in the family to pass down to future ...

  • Friday 30th January 2015

    Hard times ahead for the estate executor ? the problems with Probate

    Dealing with the loss of a loved one can be difficult enough, and can be exceptionally challenging for estate executors who find themselves coping with bereavement whilst also making arrangements for the deceased’s estate. Probate is not simply a case of reading through the Will and handing ...

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