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Following the government’s announcement regarding the easing of Covid-19 restrictions Gullands have decided to continue with the precautions already in place. Therefore social distancing, temperature screening and hand sanitising measures will remain in place for the time being and we would respectfully ask all visitors to continue to wear a face covering unless exempt. Some of our employees will continue to work from home but face to face meetings can be arranged. As always if you have any symptoms of Covid-19 we would ask you not to come in and to follow government isolation guidelines. Attendance at our Gravesend office can take place by prior appointment only.  All our staff remain fully contactable by email and telephone.  We are grateful for your patience during these difficult times and remain committed to the safety and wellbeing of our clients and staff alike.

  • Friday 24th March 2023

    Business contracts – know your rights

    As a business owner do you have a process in place to review contractual terms before a contract is signed on behalf of the business? If not, you or your employees could leave the business liable to expensive and/or unfair terms which might be difficult to exit, or at worse lead to a costly ...

  • Thursday 23rd March 2023

    Cohabiting couples and inheritance

    A question which unmarried couples should ask themselves is have they considered what happens to their Estate when they die, especially if they haven’t made a Will? When you make a Will, you set out your final wishes as to how you would like to see your wealth and assets distributed, and ...

  • Thursday 23rd March 2023

    Settlement Agreements – benefit of using one solicitor to act for you employees

    When a business needs to make redundancies, it may want to consider offering enhanced terms to those employees via a Settlement Agreement. This controls the prospect of any future claims and gives certainty to the terms as well as being legally binding between the employer and the employee if ...

  • Monday 20th March 2023

    Motoring offences – know the law

    In March 2022 the law around the use of a mobile phone, sat nav or tablet while driving changed, but many drivers are still breaking the law 12 months on. New technology which many drivers might not be aware of is also helping to catch those not following the rules. For example, in 2021 during a ...

  • Friday 3rd March 2023

    Compulsory Purchase and Compensation

    Review of the laws around compulsory purchase and compensation Earlier this year the Government announced it has asked the Law Commission to review the existing laws around compulsory purchase in relation to major infrastructure projects (which here in Kent includes projects such as the proposed ...

  • Friday 17th February 2023

    Employment Law Changes expected in 2023

    This year will most likely see a number of changes to UK employment laws which all employers need to be aware of and plan for. The Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Bill Following the UK’s departure from the European Union this Bill if passed means all retained EU law must be ...

  • Friday 17th February 2023

    Employee awarded compensation for boss’ ‘bad joke’

    A talented employee who had worked at BT Openreach for several years has been awarded over £20,000 compensation following a deeply insensitive ‘joke’ made by her boss along with other racially motivated comments. Ms Alexandre who is originally from the US, said she was left ...

  • Friday 17th February 2023

    Buying a business in administration What are the pros and cons?

    High profile examples of businesses being bought from administration have been in the press recently and Tesco’s purchase of the stationary retailer Paperchase is just one. But what are the pros and cons of buying a business from administration? A business in administration is, most often, ...

  • Friday 17th February 2023

    Fire and rehire Could a new Code protect workers?

    Last spring there was an uproar nationally when P&O ferries made mass redundancies and then hired new workers on less favourable terms. This is not an isolated example. In December 2022, the shopworkers union Usdaw was given the go ahead by the Supreme Court to challenge Tesco on its ...

  • Friday 17th February 2023

    Quick reference section

    Statutory minimum notice periods: An employer must give at least: • One week’s notice to an employee who has been employed for one month or more, but less than two years. • One week’s notice for each complete year of service for those employed for more ...

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