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Personal Disputes

Resolving Disputes

It is a fact of life that there are occasions when it is necessary to instruct solicitors to resolve a serious dispute, to assert your rights or protect your interests.

If you become involved in a dispute, it is essential that you have access to prompt, efficient and comprehensive advice given by a supportive team dedicated to guiding you through the litigation process. We understand this well and our Individual Dispute Team has the necessary expertise to achieve this and help you.

Accident Claims

We deal with a wide variety of claims affecting individuals.

Each year, for example, more than 3.5 million people have accidents, including injuries at work and road traffic accidents. A substantial proportion of these do not claim compensation to which they may be entitled. They are put off by the thought of instructing solicitors or high legal costs.

We offer an initial free 30-minute consultation to assess your prospects of success in pursuing a personal injury claim, and will discuss how best your case can be funded. This may include offering conditional fee agreements, popularly known as "no win, no fee".

If you have suffered injury at any time over the past three years, or only realised within that period that an earlier injury was caused through the fault of another party, then we recommend that you contact us now.

We also regularly deal with many other types of dispute. These include:

We will always recommend which course of action you should take to achieve the optimum outcome, paying close attention both to a satisfactory resolution and costs.

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For legal assistance with matters related to personal disputes contact our dedicated legal team either by telephone on: 01622 689744 via email: [email protected] or by completing our online contact form.

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