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Our Kent Based Health & Safety Solicitors

John Roberts and Andrew Clarke are our health & safety specialist lawyers and feature in the current Legal 500.  We assist businesses and individuals across all industry sectors on a range of health & safety legal issues.

What we do

If your organisation faces investigation by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) or other enforcer, our Kent based health & safety lawyers can help with:

  • What to do after an accident
  • Dealings with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) or other enforcer.
  • Responding to formal Notices and Warnings.
  • Representation at an interview under caution.
  • Dealing with claims and litigation against your organisation.
  • Representation in the criminal courts and at inquests.

We help with incidents large and small, whether a person is injured or not.

Serious incidents and Fatalities - With you from the start

After a serious incident the HSE will investigate your business and individuals within it.  Inspectors will normally interview witnesses, seize documents, require information and request formal interviews under caution. They may also issue Improvement or Prohibition Notices.  Corporate manslaughter may be under consideration. Police can take the lead in the investigation and may choose to interview key managers/directors under caution - on day one.

Caught up in the trauma of the incident, businesses may not realise the legal process of prosecution has already begun. However getting legal help and making the right decisions in the early stages can make all the difference to the final outcome. Here are some that we assist with:

  • Do you have to hand over your accident investigation to the inspector?
  • The inspector will be talking to shocked and aggrieved colleagues and family members.  Should you be putting your side of the story?
  • The inspector will be talking to other organisations who may have played a part in the accident, for example other contractors on site.  What are they saying?  Should you be responding?
  • Are you being asked to attend a tape recorded interview? Should you try and get more time?
  • Should Notices be appealed?
  • Are you putting all the necessary remedial measures in place? Do you need to bring in a consultancy to help you with this? There may be valuable mitigation if you have promptly put things right and show lessons have been learned.
  • How are you dealing with those directly involved? Are you making the right HR decisions?

We believe the right advice from the start pays dividends.

If you are facing a possible investigation or enforcement please phone direct to John Roberts on 01622 689740 or Andrew Clarke on 01622 689733 for a free no obligation discussion.

Compliance and training

We can help with the health & safety issues facing your business such as:

  • Reducing and avoiding claims.
  • Health & safety compliance.
  • Health & safety aspects of commercial transactions such as company acquisitions and commercial agreements.
  • Responding to Notices and Warnings.

We regularly provide presentations and training to businesses to help raise health & safety awareness both in the boardroom and on the shop floor.

If you have a health & safety compliance issue or would like to discuss topics for a possible talk or training please call or email Andrew Clarke [email protected] for a free no obligation discussion.


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